How create screenshot?

There are several situations in which there is a need to completely “grab” the entire page of a site. Here are the most common examples:
• Send an example error to the software developer.
• Get a copy of the correspondence.
• Capture the design of the site that you liked.
• Send someone a favorite design or format.
• Give advice to the user of your resource, note which mistake was made.

On the Internet, there are many services that allow you to scan an entire page of a site without restrictions; one of these services is Pikwy. However, in most cases, you do not even need to install special extensions or download software. You can perform these operations online. The essence of the service is that it creates a miniature copy of the page you require, which you can save for future use or forwarding.

The principle of the Pikwy service is as follows:

The user is prompted to copy the URL of the required web page. It needs to be placed in a specific place on the site that takes the screenshot. There you set the parameters you need. Only after that you begin to create a screenshot. The result is a link to a screenshot. You have the opportunity to download it to a personal computer, and then use it as you wish.
Additionally, the user has the opportunity to automate the creation of screenshots using the API with a large number of parameters and ready-made integration examples for different programming languages. Using the API, you can choose in what format to receive a response from the service: it can be a picture in .jpg or .png formats or the source html code of the page itself.