Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find API key?

As soon as you log in to the Dashboard, you will see your API credentials.

What about data privacy?

We take privacy very seriously and we do not store either the web page content you sent to us. When you use API, a temporary context is generated for the job on hand and the entire data is removed upon completion.

Do you store credit card numbers in your database?

Definitely no. We are using PayPal for all credit card operations.

Am I limited to only one IP?

No, we don't limit you to any particular IP. We use token to validate requests. You can make your requests from anywhere, curl on your laptop, your development server, or any number of production servers.

Can I localise my screen shot (i.e. get the UK/Chinese/International/etc. version)?

You may be able to change the URL to get the version you want. For example instead of will give you the Mexican version of CNN. Note: this is a feature of the website itself, CNN in this case or you can use API custom headers like: cookie and accept-language.

Can I screenshot any page of website?

Yes, you do. As long as a web page is publicly accessible Pikwy should be able to produce a screenshot of it. There are some limitations; for example, pages that need user input.

How do I bypass pop-ups (cookie messages, ads, etc.) on my webshots?

We capture the exact same web page that a visitor would see on their first visit to a site. That means that we show any advertisements, lightboxes (the dialogs that pop up, usually with a darkened background –like a special offer or newsletter sign-up form), etc. For more advanced users, Pikwy has a “Page Reload” feature that will generally bypass the lighboxes and other first-time visit elements.

Why do some screen shots take so long to render?

Our servers must load the web page just as your browser does. The same things that can delay pages for you also slow down. This includes large, or many, images, Flash, Javascript libraries, etc. Or the website may be experiencing high traffic volumes and having trouble serving data. Since our servers are located in the Germany, the delay is especially true of sites hosted in Asia (which tends to have slower/firewalled connections to the rest of the world).

Why isn’t my screenshots rendering correctly?

The first thing to try is to add a delay to the API request. This allows more time for the page to load before we take its picture. Also, if you look at the same website in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, you may see differences in the way they look. In the same way, webshots may not look exactly like what you were expecting. However, we want Pikwy to be as accurate as possible. If you think what you’re seeing is more than a subtle difference, we want to know about it. Please send us a support ticket and we’ll take a look.

Can website screen shots be scheduled?

At this time, no, you can’t schedule screenshots through Pikwy